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Dwight Braswell is one of the most passionate, high-energy speakers on Sales, Top Performance, Motivation, Public Speaking and Leadership in the world.

Thank you for considering Dwight for your event or seminar.  Here, you will learn more about Dwight, what you can expect when you hire him, his various speaking topics, and how to book him for your event.   Dwight will create a customize presentation to match your specific needs and guarantees a motivating, impactful experience for all your participants.   We look forward to working with you and making this a painless and exciting event for you and your team.

Click here to read Dwight’s bio and watch an About Dwight intro video.

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What to expect when working with Dwight:

First of all, Dwight loves speaking in front of new audiences.  He wakes up every morning excited for the opportunity to help people grow and develop and live better lives.  So primarily you can expect a lot of Passion from him.

Professionalism – from your first conversation, through your event, and even thereafter Dwight will act with the utmost professionalism.  He will treat you and your team with respect and take your event needs very seriously.

High Energy – Dwight is known for his energetic, engaging presentation style.  With a mix of humor and down-to-earth language, he brings a powerful dynamic to any group.

Customization – In your initial conversation with Dwight, he will determine your objectives and specific needs for the event.  He will then create a customized presentation to match.  He will present an outline and is open to feedback to guarantee your complete satisfaction.  He will then gather feedback post-event to make sure he can deliver above your expectations for future events.

Solutions – Dwight is solution-minded, which means as you share your issues or your vision behind your event he will build a speech, presentation, or workshop that focuses on solutions.  Dwight believes it’s not enough to just talk about the problems we must provide actionable solutions that can be put to use immediately, which drive results.  That is what you will get when you hire Dwight.

Quick Response – Dwight respects your time and urgency so he will always do his best to respond quickly when you contact him.

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Speaking/Seminar topics:

While each presentation is customized to your specific needs, Dwight does have several topics you can choose from as well.  Each can be tailored to Sales, Leadership or Motivation.  Once you fill out the form at the bottom, you and Dwight can discuss the specific details and needs of your event.


6 Cs of Success:  Helping your team find Clarity, Certainty, Consistency, Courage, Confidence and Conviction while understanding the Consequences of their action/lack of action.  This is an incredible recipe for success that any audience will benefit from.  Increase morale, heighten engagement levels, boost productivity and conversion rates, raise the leadership bar throughout your organization and tap into the hidden potential of your entire team.  Eye opening and motivating, the 6 Cs is a necessary ingredient to build success with your team and organization!

7 Steps to become a Top Performer:  We all want to reach our full potential and perform at the top of our game.  Whether as a Salesperson, Leader, Entrepreneur, Parent, Spouse or any course we are on, we want to be our best self!  That’s where Dwight’s Top Performer 7-Step System comes in.  Dwight created this system to help people go from where they are right now to where they are meant to be.  This can be customized to any Sales, Leadership, Corporate, Entreprenuer, School group.

  1. Finding a Direction based on your Passion and Driving Force – 10 questions that lead to top performance
  2. Prioritizing your Time to only spend time on that which will lead to the right results
  3. 9 ways to build natural Energy to perform at your best
  4. Learning to Focus only on what’s most important and saying NO to everything else
  5. Defining your Commitments around what you Must and Will-Not do daily to reach your goals
  6. 7 Keys to Mastering any Direction
  7. Speak, Act and Serve with Conviction – 13 ways to build Conviction now!


Introducing Dwight Braswell’s Inside-Out Selling Program, a new approach to sales to reduces turnover, increases productivity and dramatically boosts conversion rates.  With over a decade in sales, Dwight is an expert sales practitioner and has finally created a new sales methodology that turns Sales Training on it’s head.  He is currently building out the program and will be launching it in the Denver Area very soon.  If you would like to see if you or your organization are a match for this incredible new sales methodology and system, please fill out the form below and Dwight will contact you shortly.

Leadership Development Program: Dwight can work with your team to build out a customized Leadership Development Program that will meet the needs of your organization.  From weekly courses to full day seminars, Dwight is an expert at created programs that work best for your specific Leadership goals.


Speaker Topic Details:

Once you have decided on a topic(s) fill out the contact form at the bottom of the page and Dwight will be in contact shortly to discuss the details of your specific needs.  During your initial conversation, Dwight will share the Learning Objectives of each topic to help you decide of the best fit for your event.

–Dwight can also meet with your Leadership Team to help with reinforcement coaching.  With Training and Development, the implementation and success of the program or topic depends on the success of the reinforcement efforts.

Interested in booking Dwight for your event:

Thank you for considering Dwight for your event/seminar/meeting, he looks forward to speaking with you personally.  His calendar fills up quickly, so please reach out to check availability and discuss the details.  Dwight is excited for the opportunity to discuss your event and see how he can bring value to you and your team.  He will do everything he can to respond quickly to your request.  When you connect with Dwight, you will discuss the fee schedule, set up logistics, and answer any other questions.

Please be ready to share your needs with Dwight, including:

-Why you are holding this event and the reason for bringing in an outside resource.

-The basic details of your event/seminar/meeting (organization putting it together, name of the event, purpose, learning objectives, target audience, dates, etc.)

-How you see Dwight being involved (speech, seminar, host, how long, objectives)

-Speaker topics you are interested in (we can discuss how we can customize the message for your specific needs)

-Learning objectives or expected outcome

-Who will be attending and details on the target audience (e.g. C-level executives, managers, sales teams, entry-level employees, etc.)

-Who will be leading the reinforcement initiative (if applicable)

Feel free to ask any other questions

Thank you and we look forward to hearing from you soon!