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You Can and Will Succeed – 98 and 3/4 Percent Guaranteed!

When you wake up every morning thinking “I Can and Will Succeed” you are more likely to perform at a higher level throughout the day.  Research shows that your thoughts create behaviors and your behaviors determine the outcomes you achieve.  So, you can either wake up and say “I Can, but Won’t Succeed” and then wonder why you don’t have what others have, or you can change your morning mantra and simply say “I Can and Will Succeed.”

Researchers from Harvard and Berkeley are finding that our body language can determine our confidence levels in high stress situations.  People with open posture and “powerful” body language command higher positions and levels of power.  Their testosterone levels rise, giving them a more dominant demeanor and their stress cortisone levels drop leaving them in a calm, cool state.  Same has been found with our thoughts.  When you shift your mind to a “Can and Will Succeed” mentality, you are triggering or activating these testosterone (rise) and cortisone (fall) levels, meaning that you are inviting your most powerful self to be present.  The awesome part is you can trigger this at any point throughout the day.  All you have to do is say “I Can and Will Succeed” for 2 minutes straight holding a powerful, open posture and you will see your demeanor and mindset change.  You will have heightened senses and will be more likely to succeed in your job interview, sales calls, athletic game, debate, presentation, etc.  Give it a shot!!

This is our 2nd Strength of a BEAR – a “Can and Will Succeed” Mentality!  Here are 5 other ways you can go from “Can and Won’t” to “Can and Will” or “Can and Did!”  Watch today’s video for a full breakdown of each…

  1. Eliminate Options
  2. Create an Action Plan and get a Micro-Manager
  3. Do It Now (DIN)
  4. Put your Big Boy/Girl Pants on, Put your Head Down and Get to Work
  5. Join our Community (text B2BMOTIVATION to 33444)

How have you used a “Can and Will Succeed” Mentality to bust through barriers and succeed at a high level?

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