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Strength of a BEAR #1: “I Know Exactly” Mindset

For the next 5 weeks we will focus on the 5 Strengths of a BEAR

One Line Summary: Strength #1: Go from an “I Don’t Know” Mindset to an “I Know Exactly” Mindset to heighten your willpower and increase your productivity by ~ 86%.

How to achieve an “I Know Exactly” Mindset:

  1. Start Small
  2. Make More Decisions
  3. Exercise, Sleep more and Meditate (even 5 mins a day can make an impact)
  4. Eliminate options

Watch the video for more details and click on and fill in the worksheet below.

“I Know Exactly” Mindset – Fillable Worksheet <– click to open

Next week: Strength #2: Can & Will



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