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Ditch that poor habit for good!!

  • I love eating sweets, but I hate the extra “skin” I gain when I eat too much.
  • I love taking my time, but I hate losing a promotion because I’m “the late guy.”
  • I love procrastinating, but I hate getting rejected after a job interview because I didn’t prepare.
  • I love having the top team, but I hate having only 25% of my reps to plan because I didn’t do enough 1:1s.
  • I love sleeping in, but I hate it when I miss ANOTHER workout session.
  • I love spending time with my son, but I hate that I don’t give him as much time as he deserves.
  • I love, but I hate… the classic poor habit.  I love it in the moment, but hate the results.  How many of these do you have?

How awesome would it be to ditch these poor habits and replace them with what you KNOW you should be doing, but never do?  I thought the same thing several years ago and I created the FLEXTURE Ratio (aka the HABIT Ratio).

It’s super simple and super effective…watch today’s throw-back video (July 5, 2012) to see how it works.  Check out these sketches as well.  Let us know in the comments – wherever you are reading this – what poor habit you need to ditch to get better results?

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