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Crush the NOW! – Motivational Monday

As most of you know, I’m working hard on reading one book a week.  From The Happiness Project to Choose Yourself to The Dip to Decisive and recently I started Eckhart Tolle’s classic, The Power of NOW.  

51wk62SpJaL._SL300_I have to admit, it is one of those books you pick up for a minute and then have to put it down before your head explodes.  It reaches so deep into my consciousness and twists my perceptions of reality in such a way that I have to rest after about 10 minutes.  I usually go over certain parts several times until I finally have that AHA moment of clarity that allows me to move on.

Recently, it was the thought that the past and the future does not exist, it’s really all made up of the “NOW” along a timeline called life.  That makes sense to me.  As I write this, I am in my present NOW, but when I post it, or even proofread it, it will be the future NOW to my present NOW.

Oooo, that’s fun!  My mind gets excited when it’s challenged and thrown on a roller coaster that it can actually enjoy!Life-is-a-sequence-of-moment-all-called-now

That means that every past NOW moment has lead me to this present NOW moment.  If I see it that way, then my current state and reality is a product or result of all my past actions and choices.  Even though events have been out of my control, it’s been my reactions and pro-actions in my past NOW moments that led me to my current state of NOW!

If you are lost, think of it this way: if I go on a vacation and I forget to book a hotel – I’m in a bind in my present NOW and have to pay much more for a room now, if there are any vacancies to begin with.  In the present NOW, I can be upset and blame external circumstances, but the bottom line is, that several times over the last few months, I chose, in my very own “past NOW moments,” to procrastinate and not book the hotel.  My “past NOW moments” have caused me to be in a bind in my current “NOW” moment.  Make sense?  I must take responsibility and realize that this current, present “NOW” moment will, in fact, affect my future state of “NOW.”  So, the bottom line is, I am in control of my future.  By crushing the NOW and putting 100% of my energy, faith and focus on being my best self in my present NOW, I can ensure a happier future self.  I choose to book the hotel, or read the book, or study my sales process, or drop everything for my family, or ask for the promotion, or start the business.  It’s up to me to be present and take advantage of every NOW moment as it comes.  Whether at work, with family, friends, it’s important to make every moment count, so tomorrow is as bright as it can be!

courage-5It’s time to face the fear, be courageous and do it anyway!  It’s time to be an encourager and lift others up around you.  As I tell the story of my wife saying, “it’s time to put your big boy/girl pants on, put your head down and get to work,” and do something NOW that your future self will thank you for!

You have been prepared and you have everything you need to handle what lies ahead of you!  Don’t second guess yourself, but trust that you are well equipped and able to crush the NOW.  Once you realize this, everything else will be taken care of.

This has been a fun week with many ahas at a deeper level!

No matter where you are, I want to know:

What can you do to crush the NOW and get the most out of the present moment?  (For example, are you going to reach out to those you care about most and give them an encouraging word?  Are you going to step outside of your comfort zone and be more bold than you are used to?)

What will be the payoff when you crush the NOW?