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Burned Out? Try this…

We all get burned out, but what if we didn’t?  Would we be more productive, achieve more goals, make more money, have the #1 team, be a top performer, be the best parent…Today I’ll show you a tool to prevent burnout.

Last week I introduced Flexture, which means creating a structure at the beginning, then introducing flexibility overtime.  

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The key to reducing burnout is to be decisive and determine where and how you will introduce flexibility.  This is what I call your “Flexture Point” (FP).

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  1. I’m trying to lose 10 lbs in 2 weeks.  After 6 days of strictly following the eating and exercise  routine, I will allow myself to have some flexibility the next week.  My Flexture Point is 6 days of strictly following the routine.
  2. I plan on running 4 laps.  I run the first 3 full out and the last lap I have flexibility – I can run faster or switch it up.  My Flexture Point is 3 laps and the flexibility helps me avoid burnout.
  3. My new hires will use a script verbatim until they get 10 sales.  Then they have the flexibility to make it their own.  Our Flexture Point is 10 sales.
  4. All new people will work 8am-4pm until they hit quota 3 months in a row.  Then they have freedom to have an approved flex schedule.  Our Flexture Point is hitting quota 3 months in a row.
  5. My kids must complete 2 lessons on, prior to having the flexibility to play other games.  As they play more and engage with the program, I introduce more flexibility.  This way they can’t wait to play it instead of being forced as part of a structure.  The 2 lessons are my initial Flexture Point.


  • When everyone knows the Flexture Point, expectations are clear and productivity goes up.
  • Guaranteed flexibility to avoid micro-management, and burnout.
  • Incentive to work hard within the structure to enjoy the benefits of flex-time.

Make sure to…

  • Decide on a clear and consistent Flexture Point.  We are more productive when we know what to expect on a consistent basis.
  • Set expectations for your structure (Expectations for yourself, a team, for students, kids, athletes, etc.).  Then make a stark difference between the structured and the flex time (e.g. Once your rep hits 100% for the week, they can work on any side project that goes toward their career development goals – coaching/training/leadership, etc.)

Burnout decreases as you introduce flexibility.  Take time to test  various Flexture Points to find that sweet spot that eliminates burnout and increases productivity and engagement.

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