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Why are you proud to be in Sales?

This was originally posted on April 30, 2014.  Now that I’m doing more sales content and consulting, I thought I would dust it off and share it with you.  

FYI – The bunny2BEAR Show is a weekly show on Sales, Motivation, Personal Development and Top Performance and will come out every Wednesday morning moving forward.

In this 1st bunny2BEAR Show Episode, I give you 3 simple Principles to help you boost your pride in your sales profession, so you can close more deals and make more money.   This one’s for all my BEAR Sales Pros out there!!

Bottom line; to become a Top Performer in Sales, you have to be Proud to be in Sales

Walk around your sales organization and you’ll see bunnies and BEARS everywhere.  You can spot  each of them a mile away.  One thing that differentiates an A player from a C player is their view on sales and how good they are in their role.

Zig-Ziglar-quoteZig Ziglar always said to be proud to be in sales.  He talked about it as an honorable profession that provided solutions to those in need.

It’s the most lucrative, most honorable in terms of growing the economy and business and providing products and services to consumers in need, and there is never a dull moment in sales.

I see far too many bunny sales reps tip toeing into a call and it makes me sick – you are a consultant, not a telemarketer!  Why would I want to work with you if you are not proud of what you are doing, excited and waking up every day hungry and loving your profession?  Your attitude is contagious and if you keep trying to fake it, you’ll never become a Top Performer – period.

All sales pros take beatings, but the best realize that every no gets you closer to the yes!  Cliche, but so true!

Top Performers knock on as many doors as they can and make as many calls as they can because the next one could be the whale.  I don’t care what industry you’re in – real estate, insurance, phone sales, field sales, it’s a numbers game.

People will run from you if you’re not proud to be in sales and people will run to you when you are proud!


3 Principles to boost your pride in sales:

1. Get your WHY in Check aka your because: complete these sentences:

I’m in sales because I MUST…(mortgage – college – be number one)

I’m in sales because I’m sick and tired of…(living paycheck to paycheck)

I’m in sales because I Love…(the game…the chase…the feeling of closing a deal)


2. Wake up every day and affirm out loud – “I love being in sales – I’m so good at it!”  (Remember: “broken records” – weaknesses holding you back – bunnies are aways saying “I hate being in sales, I hope they don’t pick up” or “if I ask for the sale they may yell at me,” or “oh no, an objection – ah!  what do I do?”

Of course, they are going to yell at you – of course, they are going to say “get a real job!”  Who cares – Some Will, Some Wont, So What, Move On – Top Performers love it when a prospect comes back like that because they are proud to be in sales and it just drives them to crush their next call!  Come on now!

Wake up every morning and say “I love being in sales and I’m really good at it.”

Then when you go to bed say “I can’t wait to get up and go after it again tomorrow.”


3.  You have to Believe:

Product: It’s so important to believe in your product.  Collect testimonials and success stories and realize that what you are selling really is helping people!

Yourself:  Sharpen your saw and improve your skills so you are always getting better.  When you overcome that tough objection and close the sale, you will feel that pride!

Sales: It’s time to feel proud of the sales profession and commit to becoming a sales practitioner.  Use YouTube as a tool to watch seminars from Zig Ziglar, Brian Tracy, Tom Hopkins, Grant Cardone and others.

I’d love to hear from you:

Leave a comment below:

1. Why are you proud to be in sales (you can share your I MUST, I’m Sick and Tired and I LOVE statements if you want)

2. What do you believe in most out of Product, Yourself or Sales?


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