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4 Ways to Kick the Blame Game

Have you ever heard yourself say: “It’s not my fault!” or “If I had more time, then I’d exercise” or “She did X so I couldn’t help but do Y!”  Sounds like you’re caught up in the Blame Game.  Strength #3 of our 5 Strengths of a BEAR is the ability to Take Ownership and Take Responsibility of our actions and the outcomes in our life.

I’m not a math wizard, but we’ve talked about my favorite equations many times;

E + R = O or Events + Response = Outcome

We must focus only on what we can control, which is our response to the events in our lives.  To do so, we have to become self-aware of our tendencies to blame external factors and people for our results in life.

There are 3 reasons why we get caught up in the Blame Game…

  1. Fear of Failure: if we give it our all and then fail, we crush our self-worth, so we place blame elsewhere, or give it a half-ass effort as a preservation mechanism.
  2. Loss of Control: if we feel like we’re losing control of our finances, for example, we’ll simply blame the retailers, or credit card company, or the people in our lives for our mismanagement and excessive spending.  Sound familiar?
  3. Unresolved Issues or Problems: If we are struggling at work, we will often blame our boss or the systems or policies in place.  We usually won’t say anything, we’ll just bottle it up inside until it’s too late.  Take responsibility and resolve those issues now!

Here are 4 ways you can kick the Blame Game and boost your Response-ability…watch the video for more details on each one:

  1. Take Stock
  2. Take Ownership of your List
  3. Build up your Self-Control
  4. Join the community

It’s time to Stop Blaming and Start Owning…Wake up and be the BEAR!!

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