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4 Ways to Increase Your Positive Self-Talk

When you wake up what do you say to yourself?  “I’m not a salesperson?”  “I can’t read fast?”  “I’m too fat to exercise?” I think you get it… If your morning self-talk sounds like this, you are suffering from a case of “Broken Records.”  These are negative whispers you say to yourself repeatedly that prevent you from performing at your best or even taking risks that could lead to all that good stuff you want in life, business, sales, and so on.

Our 4th Strength of a BEAR is POSITIVE SELF-TALK.  BEARS wake up saying “I can’t wait to get that sale today!”  “I’m starting my new business and even though I failed in the past, I learned a ton and will figure out what’s needed to succeed!”  “I may not be in good shape yet, but I’m taking the first step now!”

So how the hell do you go from Broken Records to Positive Self-Talk – from bunny2BEAR to find your natural confidence?

Watch this week’s Motivational Monday video to get specific instructions on our 4 Ways to Increase Your Positive Self-Talk:

  1. Write down your Broken Records
  2. Reverse them
  3. Define your BEAR Moment
  4. Make it tangible

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Leave a Comment: How would your life be different if you could increase your positive self-talk by 20%?

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