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The New “F” Word

Not part of BEAR Nation yet?  Join here!  Struggling to find consistent motivation and sustained results? Looking for a way for you or your entire team to perform at a high-level every single day without begging?  These were the exact questions I asked myself over seven years ago, when I started an in-depth study of high-performance, […]

How to Handle Frustration Like a BEAR

Frustration in sales and life can be crippling. It can lead to anger, self-doubt, missed opportunities, quitting, wrecked relationships, a bad reputation, loss of sales and overall destructive behavior. The cause of frustration comes down to our perception of reality. What am I capable of, what are my goals and what happens if I get […]

Redefine What’s Possible

It’s your time!  Step out of your comfort zone and redefine what’s possible!   For so long many of us have put up “parameters of capability.”  This is what I can do, and this is what I can’t do.  Anything outside of that becomes off limits.  Over time we start tightening those parameters and close […]

10 Ways to Stop Fear From Controlling...

Check out these 10 simple ways to stop fear from taking control. Join me in this experiment, and let’s crush fear together. Since April 1, I have left my full-time job in corporate America, booked several speaking gigs and I’m now consulting for some incredible start-ups. I am 8 chapters into my book, and this […]

How to go from MEDIOCRE to the BEST

Last week I chose to leave Corporate America to build BEAR Nation full time.  I now build motivation and sales programs for start ups and coach people like you.  It’s been incredible so far and I look forward to a #brightfuture! Now that I’m a full time entrepreneur, here’s what you can expect from my […]

Leave it higher than you found it, th...

My dad was a Colonel/Chaplain in the Air Force and he was known for his ability to go to a base and turn around a church that was broken.  When he left it was well-oiled machine with people in place and empowered to make it thrive without him.  He would always say to me “leave it […]

How to Overcome Obstacles

Quick note: put your name and email at the top right of the page so you never miss a video or update from me, it’s FREE.  More exclusive content coming soon!!! Last week we looked at how the Little Engine That Could helps us get over the “I don’t feel like it” mindset, so we […]

Secrets to Staying Motivated

We’ve all heard of the little engine that could.  “I think I can, I think I can.”  But what happens if the little engine can, but just doesn’t feel like it?  What if you’re tired or weak or just not motivated that day?  What if you only want to eat that salad when you feel like it, […]

5 Questions to Find your Calling

As the sun rose in the land of bunnies and bears, bunny leaped out the door headed for bear’s house.  He had a burning question he had to get answered right away. Knock, knock, knock – bunny slammed on bear’s door.  Bear immediately woke up, ran to the door thinking this must be an emergency. […]

Stop Blaming. Start Owning. Motivat...

Bear Nation, Let’s have some fun with these posts.  Think of a conversation between a bunny and a bear.   Context: Bunny and bear were good friends.  One was stuck in a box, chasing carrots.  The other was out exploring the world hunting for opportunities and adventure.  One lives a life of fear, doubt and uncertainty. […]